The Cosmic Highway 2017 Conference 

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The UFO Watchtower is an observation platform with 360-degree views of the San Luis Valley. This one of a kind place has a gift shop and camping. It is located north of Hooper, Colorado and has been called the cosmic highway. This magical place was created by Judy Messoline in May 2000 to capitalize and sharing the existing use of the property by UFO observers.

There have been TV documentaries done on the UFO sightings and the tower. Several books have been written on the area, including Judy's book The Crazy Lady Down the Road.  Since its inception it has received widespread United States and international media coverage.

Each conference brings new knowledge and connections. Since the first conference the UFO Watch tower has grown.  Every year people have had experiences of seeing lights or actual encounters. 

Judy is now having the The Cosmic Highway 2017 conference and hopes to see you!  

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